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Please try these free tips that are focused on the quality of the verbal interactions. It is important for your baby to have both a high quality and a high quantity of language in the first years of life.

We use this approach in our programs, of course, but you do not need to purchase any products to use these tips. Start by talking to your newborn baby in a loving, joyful manner and use the tips below to help your baby learn to understand your language s.

Diverse books for babies and toddlers

Since the tips are different for babies who have not yet learned 50 words compared to babies and toddlers who have learned at least 50 words, it is important to change the way you talk to your baby as your baby acquires language skills. This means that these tips are not strictly age-based — they are also skill-based. Robert Titzer.

I love the idea but reading it with my son who was 2 at the time all he wanted to do was turn the pages as quickly as he could to make the rainbow.

50 Of The Best Kids' Books Published In The Last 25 Years | HuffPost Life

Not a big deal but this would make a better story time book then a bedtime one for that reason. Hello, Red Fox by Eric Carle is a fun interactive book about colors and the color wheel. The trick being that if you stare at a color for long enough then stare at a blank page the complimentary color will appear! My son loved identifying the colors of all the drips of paint, ice cream and more that Dog gets on him throughout the day.

This is a great book not only because it has counting and colors but because of the language it uses while the spots of color are splatting, squashing ans squishing onto his beautiful white fur.

Videos for Toddlers with Blippi - Learn Colors and Numbers for Children

My son loved repeating these words with enthusiasm as he noted how poor Dog was getting so messy! Planting a Rainbow by Lois Elhert is a wonderful book to use for teaching about flowers and colors. The illustrations are bold and bright, perfect for little curious minds.

I have always liked this book because you can sit down and dive into it reading each flowers name on every page , or browse it more casually with a younger child simply noting the colors. Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni is a profound book with underlying commentary about race relations while the surface story is about little blobs of color who when squished together turn into one green blob!

In my PreK class I had more than a few kids make the connection all on their own. My daughter actually sits looking at these pages instead of simply trying to eat the book, which in my opinion is a great review from a 6 month old!