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The point is that they don't want anyone trying to live outside their cities How dare they think that they have the right to live in the suburbs and take absolutely no government money or resources! Get in this city and take our food, clothing, and housing. Jaime and Lennox find themselves seeking shelter from the outlaw gang from the last book. This is a small camp in the Colorado mountains.

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When they hear that another camp needs help to train their people to fight because of increased raids on them, they send Jaime, Lennox, and others to help out for a month. This new place is like a small town and the people are pretty soft, so there is a lot of work to do. But more importantly, new people equals more sex partners. They're sick of screwing the same 20 people!

Finally, some variety! Yes, I am. Why are you looking at me like that? Jaime and Lennox have never had sex with each other though. They are best friends and even though they secretly want each other, they've never crossed that line. They've crossed every other line, of course, but not that one because it would be wrong.

Sure, they have threesomes in crowded rooms with every imaginable combination of genders possible. Sure, they've watched other people screw their best friend's brains out 3 feet away. But, having sex together? That would be awkward Well, until alcohol what, they've never been drunk together before?

Okay, awkwardness solved. Line crossed. View all 15 comments. Jun 29, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. I don't smoke but hot damn, reading this book made me want to pick up a cig 'coz yanno post-coital smoke thing is I suppose. I'm totally getting derailed here but anyhoo, Addicted was HOT. As in capitalize and bold that part right there. Multiply the hotness level of that series by 10 and you'll get this book. Addicted is the second installment from Kennedy's I don't smoke but hot damn, reading this book made me want to pick up a cig 'coz yanno post-coital smoke thing is Addicted is the second installment from Kennedy's new dystopian erotic romance series called Outlaws.

Now, a bit of a disclaimer here: I didn't read book one.

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But I was still able to get the subplots in the series and get to know a few of the side characters, so no worries there. That said, I would definitely recommend reading book because it adds a bit more depth in understanding the world that EK has created. The story is set in a harsh, post apocalyptic world. America is no more, there is only the Colony. The Outlaws are a group of people who live outside the main civilization where personal freedom is severely limited.

Lennox and Jamie are best of friends. They grew up together and both lost their families to Enforcer attacks and diseases. They joined Connor's group as a unit and promised to stay together no matter what happens. At first I really wasn't sure how they're going to transition from being friends to lovers especially since they're both a little giving of their, ahem, affections. Physically at least, that is. So I was a bit apprehensive. But my apprehension were laid to rest once Lennox and Jamie crossed the line from being friends to lovers.

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It wasn't a seamless transition but it was a messy, emotional one. I don't know about you guys but I love messy, emotional relationship transitions. They're more fascinating and my inner angst whore just loved it. They had to work hard at being together as lovers. As friends, they were a pro at it but as lovers, they made a few blunders here and there which made their eventual HEA even more satisfying.

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But it wasn't just the romance that hooked me but the overarching plot of the series as well. It's been established that living as an Outlaw is dangerous and can get you killed. Elle Kennedy was able to translate that danger and loss so beautifully in this book. Gah, there was a moment in the book where I had to stop reading and just stare into space because I could not quite believe it happened. It wasn't a dream.

It did happen and it broke my heart. This was overall, a very solid book for me.

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I am invested in the characters and in this world that Ms. Kennedy created. Bring on Ruled! ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 22 comments.

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Shelves: addicted-to-this-series , contemporary , favorites , addicted-to-this-author , , june , dystopian. Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Elle Kennedy has truly cemented herself as a must read author. Kennedy has flawlessly and sophisticatedly written a story that captures the very essence of why I continue to be addicted to her writing and storytelling.

And in her latest installment to the Outlaws Series, Ms. Kennedy will once again get her readers Addicted. The friends to lovers trope is by far one of my favorite tropes. I am a complete sucker when it comes to this them Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Elle Kennedy has truly cemented herself as a must read author. I am a complete sucker when it comes to this theme. While there are so many books out there in the market that deals with this trope, Ms. Kennedy does something differently as shakes up this trope by incorporating a different dilemma and setting for the story line.

There is no Lennox without Jamie and the same can be said for Jamie as well. But as far best friends go, deep feelings begins to emerge. Feelings of something more. When the lines of friendship begins to get blurred by want, desire, lust, and jealousy, Lennox and Jamie soon finds themselves crossing that line as the sexual tension begins to ignite and stir feelings. Set in a dystopian world, Lennox and Jamie are fighting for survival but will they also be fighting matters of the heart?

Elle Kennedy has masterfully painted a literary world where raw emotions, characters, and the idea of survival is in the forefront.

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Readers will be consumed as you are swept away in a dystopian world, where the strong survives and survival is key. Although Lennox and Jamie must be strong, tough, and resilient in order to survive, Elle Kennedy does something differently as she slowly peels layers of their rough edges and slowly we see these soft emotions begin to peek through.

As far as chemistry, Elle Kennedy does scorching hot scenes like no other. With her vivid and descriptive prose, readers will simply be addicted. So if you are looking for a book where grit, raw emotions, angst, passion, and action are seductively weaved into a story line then I would highly recommend you to get addicted to ADDICTED. Elle Kennedy View all 10 comments. Oct 27, Lacey Booklovers For Life rated it really liked it Shelves: review-copy , dirty-talker , adult , friends-to-lovers , arc , blog-review , erotica , dystopian-post-apocalyptic , romantic-suspense , erotic-romance.

This is book two in the Outlaws series and features Lennox and Jamie, who we met in Claimed. It takes them a little while to get there, but these two are so meant to be together — their romance is emotional, intense, and surprisingly sweet! Will Lennox finally make his move on the one person he loves in this dangerous, desolate world? Or will he stay cautious to protect their friendship, and miss out on something more?

The ups and downs of their romance mixed in with the suspense had me on the edge of my seat — the author did a wonderful job balancing those two aspects of the story! Tensions have been brewing between Lennox and Jamie for YEARS, so one can only imagine how explosive the chemistry is once they finally get together. Elle Kennedy know how to write erotica! Overall, Addicted was an addictive read. Thanks to the author for generously providing me an ARC to review.

Subscribe to Booklovers For Life for more! Feb 10, Angie Elle rated it it was amazing. I loved Claimed because it was raw and gritty. The author took the things I loved about the first book and stepped them up in Addicted. Jamie was a strong female lead. She was funny as hell and held her place right alongside the men in her world.