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Chances are that prolonged celibacy while dry up your hormones and you will become spiritually desiccated. The idea of celibacy as being useful for spiritual growth is largely ignorance and misinformation. Avoidance is not transcendence and that which is repressed cannot evolve. Since relationships are fraught with complications and engage the play of the ego, the wounds and the self-system there was the tendency to make a career out of avoidance and join a monastery or nunnery.

Nowadays we have modern psychology and relationship science to help us navigate these murky waters, so we do not have to be so distracted and distraught by personal intimate relationship anymore…we have the technology! There are some benefits to celibacy however…if ones ego structure is undeveloped, or ones wounds unhealed avoiding sexual intimacy will conserve energy and time needed for self-survival. Also anyone going through a full-on awakening might be so overwhelmed in just dealing with that, that a relationship would be harmful—being too vulnerable for intimacy so to speak.

And if one engages in sex compulsively then neurological and hormonal resources may be used up which could have been applied to evolution of the bodymind. Sex is not an obstacle to God Realization, but lack of love is.

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So for intimacy there is both the need for the yin of surrender and the yang of active inclusivity. And beyond even this—for connection to occur there is the need to let go of ones own identification with separation itself.

All about Spiritual Awakening

Conscious sex in a harmonious evolutionary relationship is definitely the ideal, and I suspect that such as supportive circumstance will actually reduce both the down cycle and recovery time, such that ones spiritual gains from kundalini awakening are substantiated and creativity is maintained.

One can clearly see the self-manifest destiny of literally being attracted to doom like a moth to the flame. Relationship is the process where by we are annealed and tempered, both softened and hardened by the forces of separation and union. There is no way to side step this work, for by avoiding relationship altogether we just remain half dead enclosed in our cocoon. Eros is there to help us break free and become a butterfly. To work through the death throws of the Pain-body and armor we need to have great compassion, intelligence and willingness.

To live as a mystic is to embrace the world and the Kingdom Within as One. Growth or evolution is state dependent, therefore we must attend to the state that our thinking ego inhabits. Freedom, like enlightenment is infinite…sometimes all that is asked of us is to make ourselves a little more at home on this earth.

Spiritual initiation is an event in Eros, and like love cannot be conjured or contrived. Kundalini is operating in all of us to a degree, occasionally however it sparks up into what is known as a kundalini awakening, transmutation, metamorphosis, transfiguration, spiritual alchemy or spiritual awakening. Some of the myriad of factors that can contribute to an awakening include: High altitude, air and water quality, diet, exercise, stress, relationships, degree of being on purpose and acts of generosity.

Risk, adventure travel, exposure to the elements, novelty, new experiences and environments, and the breakdown of habit and torpor. Various elemental changes and shocks to the body like alternating hot and cold such as saunas and cold showers, light and dark.

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Chronological and biological age, spiritual practice, having to use a new set of skills. It is the differential between the old and new growth that initiates the dissolution of the old brain and resurrection of the new. So a rapid growth in cognition, change of environment or spiritual practice that instigates new brain development will bring on an awakening. One needs to have a certain genetic and cellular strength in order for kundalini to spark up, for it will not ignite in a body that will be greatly damaged by its arousal.

Like secondhand smoke, secondhand kundalini can be very disturbing for people. If we fight with kundalini it will harm us, but if we learn the cosmic ways of metamorphosis and fall into sublime relationship with it, trusting the very force of the power itself, it will transform our frog-self into our Royal being.

This miraculous force is truly the most phenomenal process. It is Nature that calls us toward awakening. It is Nature that initiates us.

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It is Nature that eases the burden of awakening. It is Nature that allows our awakening to be successful. And it is Nature that gives us the power to extend our awakening out into the world. It takes an enormous amount of oxygen to birth ourselves, so exercise and breathe in Nature every day. The more you do so, the more Nature will be your ally. When your Kundalini awakens, your body both subtle and physical and mind will purify.

365 Days of Spiritual Growth

Your health will improve and you will feel light and energetic. Your mind becomes restful. For a spirituality seeker, Self-realization is the ultimate and the most desirable state to be attained, and the awakened Kundalini leads to this state. However, even when the Kundalini is aroused and spiritual evolution is substantially hastened, there is no guarantee that Self-realization will be attained because for that complete surrender to God is required. It is very difficult. When you will reach advanced levels of awakening, you will feel that kundalini benefits are more intensified and encompass more subtle realms.

You will achieve peace and mental control, will become more creative, will develop a profound understanding of nature and experience inner joy. You will become a stronger individual, a more complete person who can function in adverse circumstances with great poise, and is able to consciously absorb prana from the universe and direct it for physical and mental well-being. One thing in which people are generally interested is occult powers.

Remember always that these powers are the hindrances in the path of self realization and kundalini awakening. They fatten the ego of the aspirant whch leads to failure in kundalini awakening. So, beware of such occult powers.

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I am not discussing here about such powers in detail because that is not neccesary. Even then, if you want to know more about such powers, you can contact me in person through e-mail. The most important kundalini benefit is that you will encounter total reality, the absolute truth, knowledge of the self.

Nothing will be hidden from you and you will enjoy eternal bliss. This article outlines information on the cross cultural experience of kundalini awakening and provides some guidelines for those providing support for individuals experiencing awakening and the transformation process that evolves from that awakening. For additional information about the kundalini experience please feel free to contact Gulsha Fawzia Begum through this site. By: Gulsha Begum on May 28, at am. Numerous many thanks you very a lot for this excellent and really educational brief article.

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